Grow your business,

not your staff.

Business Development

Marketing.  Business Development.  Lead Generation & Capture.  Pursuing Opportunities.

So many buzzwords & phrases that all mean: keeping the work coming.  Big business has whole teams of employees dedicated to this vital activity.  Small business has us.

We will scour municipal, state and Federal solicitations for you.  We’ll match them to your competencies, and present them with clear strategies for winning the contract.

Bid/ No Bid Consultation

Sometimes it’s truly better to “know when to hold ’em, know when to walk away.”

That’s not just true for gambling on trains with strangers.  Knowing your company’s strengths and limitations can save you time and energy.  We can direct you to opportunities you have a better chance of winning, cause we love to win.

Sometimes, finding a partner enables you to go after projects that might not suit otherwise.  We have a network of industry partners to connect you with so you can expand your offerings.  Identifying when to team is another specialty of ours.

Cost Estimation

What is the government willing to pay for this contract?  What factors influence pricing?  If you don’t have a cost estimation expert, or department,  you can use ours for a small fee*?

*small fee is a subjective term.  Limitations and conditions may apply.