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We have licensed engineers and project managers to support your needs.

  • 541330  Engineering Consulting Services

  • 541611  Administrative Management, Business Start- Up  and General Management Consulting Services

  • 541690  Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

  • 541990  Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

We offer project management and engineering services with an emphasis on utility analysis, contracts, and asset management. Our licensed engineers and professional project managers are available to bring your visions to fruition, on time and within budget.

Safety compliance, quality controls, excellent communication and regular reporting are hallmarks of our work.  Our eyes are trained toward cost saving and maintaining tight schedules to meet or exceed deadlines for any contract.

Project Management Professional & Professional Engineer

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  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Proposal and Technical Writing
  • Project Management

Grow your business, not your staff.

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  • Construction Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Business Development

– Project Management Magic –

  • Involve communities and other stakeholders in project success
  • Grant writing assistance and proposal preparation
  • Experience evaluating technical, pricing, and past performance proposals on behalf of the Government, then providing recommendations for award
  • Recruiting, hiring, retaining, and supervising staff, with team size ranging from 4-30 individuals
  • Over 20 years of technical and commercial expertise with the Government and Fortune 100 Companies
  • Professional engineer, project manager and MBA on staff
  • Love dogs and enjoy long walks along the beach

Want to team with us to make your bid stronger?

~ FAQ ~

Q: What kinds of projects can you undertake?

Project managers work across industries to establish and meet client expectations through creating a detailed project plan including budgets, personnel allocation, scheduling milestones and deliverables, and managing risks to the project. PMPs can manage any kind of project!

Q: Can I use Laurel Rock’s PMP for some parts of the project?

Hmm.. We are open to talking to you about that. Our commitment to our standards and exceptional results comes first, though.

Q: Will Laurel Rock only work on projects for which you helped write the bid?

No, we’ll come in after the work is awarded and manage your project to completion.