Grow your business,

not your staff.

We offer fractional services and a-la-carte pricing.

Business Development

Marketing.  Business Development.  Lead Generation & Capture.  Pursuing Opportunities.

So many buzzwords & phrases that all mean: keeping the work coming.  Big business has whole teams of employees dedicated to this vital activity.  Small business has us.

We will scour municipal, state and Federal solicitations for you.  We’ll match them to your competencies, and present them with clear strategies for winning the contract.

Writing Services

Our team of writers create

  • capability statements
  • pitch decks
  • marketing materials
  • technical manuals
  • training/ staff development programs and materials
  • resumes
  • web content
  • blog posts

We can write your grant application or proposal, or provide document review and polishing to your drafts. If words aren’t your thing, outsource it to us.

Cost Estimation

What is the government willing to pay for this contract?  What factors influence pricing?  If you don’t have a cost estimation expert, or department,  you can use ours for a small fee.* We offer hourly or per project pricing.

*small fee is a subjective term.  Limitations and conditions may apply.

Grant Funding Strategy, Development & Writing

Your non-profit or educational organization can outsource grant writing, allowing your team to focus on fulfilling your mission. We research the funders, manage the application schedule and conduct the post-award reporting.

We will do as much or as little as you need. Laurel Rock offers full-spectrum services over the grant lifecycle or targeted support in editing, research or document review.


Q: What are fractional services?

Any activities which your company needs but does not have the desire or resources to hire additional staff to undertake. Mining leads, drafting contracts, beautifying resumes, editing your copy… all at hourly or per-project rates.

Q: What types of proposals do you write?

We write Federal and SLED (State, Local, Educational) responses to solicitations.

Q: For which industries do you write?

We create materials for architectural and engineering firms (A&E), IT consultants, SAAS providers, Cloud Migrators, commodity sellers, and anyone else who might need a writer.